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Rent your space for events with Open Venues

Malibu Hilltop — Malibu, CA

We have a passion for wild places and unique event spaces. And, like you, we’d like to keep them intact — while helping you generate passive income.

The Icehouse — Phoenix, AZ

The Little Daisy — Jerome, AZ

Partner with Open Venues to manage your event space

Think of Open Venues as Airbnb for truly unique event spaces. Our venue management platform provides an opportunity for property owners to earn extra income by sharing their private land or stunning structures. We welcome event spaces of all shapes, styles, and sizes, including outdoor farms and ranches, historic buildings, urban lofts and studios, caves, train stations, and everything in between.
As a venue partner, you have full control over how and when your space can be rented for events. Open your doors or gate (or drawbridge) to weddings, dinners, meetings, film shoots, and other events that suit your property.
Our team of experts will build your venue profile with professional photography and will help determine the appropriate price and policies (including blackout days and quiet hours) for your event space. We will also take care of everything from site visits to event-day management. Groups are charged before using your exclusive event space, and your payout is directly deposited after each booking.
If you’re a rancher with an expanse of land, have the keys to a whimsical building, or have a property that can’t be defined, chances are our audience would love to learn about it.


Earn an average of $48,500 hosting your venue in South Carolina.



How does partnering with Open Venues work?

Venue partners earn passive income from their land or building by working with us to rent their spaces for events. We go a step further than booking websites by organizing everything for our venue partners. We’re here to help utilize your space while you sit back and relax.
Our services include:

  • Building your profile with professional photography

  • Marketing your space online

  • Managing venue sales

  • Coordinating site visits for interested parties

  • Overseeing day-of event management

  • And more

How much can I make?

The earning potential of your event space varies depending on your property’s scenery, uniqueness, features and amenities, ease of access, nearby lodging, and proximity to cities or highly visited destinations such as National Parks.

Owners of scenic land and fully outdoor properties often make up to $60,000/year, while compelling buildings with occupancy for events or overnight accommodations can make more than $150,000/year.

If your property has all of the above, you may be able to earn upwards of $225,000/year.

What do you look for in a venue?

Your space is likely perfect for our audience of couples, wedding planners, private groups, and professional event producers.

We are always seeking venues that have:

  • Indoor event space

  • Outdoor event space

  • Remarkable scenery

  • Exciting interior design or landscapes

  • Expansive properties that can host large groups

  • Historic venues or venues with historical features

  • Iconic or architecturally significant buildings

  • Other private event spaces

We work with a range of properties including:

  • Highly sought-after estates

  • Larger scenic open spaces

  • Iconic buildings in downtown areas

  • Event spaces for parties of 50 or fewer

  • Event spaces that accommodate 50–250 people

  • Event spaces for groups of 250 or more

What is expected from me?

We make it easy — all you need is a piece of land or a building to rent out for events. We’ll manage the rest.

Property owners do not need to attend events, but you will always have a dedicated point of contact on our team to answer questions as they come up.

Our team will work with you to learn everything about your property, including what type of events you're comfortable with, how often you would like activities to occur, and any site-specific considerations. Once we have all the details, we will rent your space with our large, engaged audience of couples, wedding planners, private groups, and professional event producers.

Do you work with developers and adaptive reuse projects?

Absolutely! Open Venues partners with creative developers to breathe new life into iconic, historic, and unique properties. Our mission is to transform these spaces into dynamic venues for events and gatherings, creating hubs of community interaction and cultural vibrancy.

We thrive without the conventional reliance on external factors like foot traffic or proximity to other businesses, making us a powerful anchor tenant for a variety of properties, including those that are atypical or off the beaten path. The heart of our formula is our voracious audience, who value uniqueness and character above all, allowing us to deliver consistently in both standard and unconventional spaces.

The events we create are inherently temporary and customizable, meaning minimal need for structural alterations. Not only does this approach play nicely with historic preservation needs, but it also leads to shorter redevelopment timelines and faster revenue, demonstrating the economic viability of the properties and building confidence among investors and future tenants.

Our ultimate aim is twofold: to scale our impact and to build lasting relationships with our partners. We work hand in hand with developers, embracing a profit-sharing strategy that ensures that our partners equally benefit from each project's success. The results of one project are the foundation for the next, validating our model's viability and profitability. Our aim is to replicate this success across numerous properties, thereby revitalizing more spaces and positively influencing more communities.

Do I need to have parking?

No. If you have parking available, great! If not, we’ll arrange and require group transportation options to ensure your property isn’t impacted by our presence.

What about restrooms for outdoor spaces? Or access to power and water?

You do not need to have restrooms, access to power, water, or other utilities. We’re experts at creating limited amenity or completely off-grid event spaces, and our team will provide luxury restroom trailers, generated power, and water for every event in these locations.

Do I need to be at the events?

You can rest easy knowing that our dedicated venue team will be onsite for every event. Open Venues is a comprehensive solution, and our team of professional venue managers and event producers will handle every part of the process. Guests will never be on property without a member of our team, which means you will never spend your time overseeing activities, scheduling, rescheduling, problem-solving on event day, grabbing forgotten items, or fielding guest calls and questions at 10pm.

Hoping to join the fun? We love to host ticketed experiences and marketing activations through our sister company, Cloth & Flame. These are creative events we hold in collaboration with partner properties, inviting our eager community of event-goers to experience the spaces firsthand. The events are very popular and often generate press coverage, thousands of engagements, and many new inquiries into the hosting venues. The best part? They usually sell out instantly, but we always extend invitations to our hosting partner properties!

What kind of events do you host?

We host events of all types, occasions, and sizes, which include:

  • Business and corporate events

  • Holiday parties

  • Kickoff and opening events

  • Product launch parties

  • Corporate retreats

  • Wedding ceremonies

  • Wedding receptions

  • Private parties

  • Private dinners

  • Birthday parties

  • Historical celebrations

  • Festivals and private concerts

  • Art shows

  • Award events

  • Fundraisers

  • Reunions

How frequently will events be held?

How frequently events will be held is completely determined by you! We have legacy properties that only want to host a handful of events per year, as well as more traditional venues that want to consistently hit occupancy rates. We always respect our property partners’ wishes and only rent your space as often as you desire.

Will there be live music?

Sometimes! Music is a part of most experiences, varying from simple background ambiance to vinyl DJ sets, acoustic performances, and live five-piece bands. During your onboarding process, we’ll collaboratively set parameters on volumes and curfew.

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