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Pairing people + unique event venues

Moab Caves — Moab, UT

We are experts at pairing people with places and specialize in venue scouting for one-of-a-kind locations that set the stage for transformative events.

Coastal site scouted in California, USA

Warehouse site scouted in Utrecht, NL

Scout your event space with Open Venues

Our decades of experience and far-reaching relationships ensure that each search delivers exceptional results. We scout venues globally for all kinds of uses including but not limited to:

  • Brands seeking exclusive event spaces or party venues for private events
  • Engaged couples looking for wedding venues near the first National Park they visited together
  • Professional event planners or producers seeking unique event venues to deliver something totally different to their clients
  • Location scouts looking for iconic historic event spaces that are sure to stand out in film and media
  • Businesses looking for corporate event venues that leave a lasting impression
  • Anyone looking to find an indoor venue or outdoor venue that’s perfectly customized to their unique event

We can find almost anything, almost anywhere.
What sets us apart from other scouts or location managers is that we not only locate stunning spaces, but also can do the heavy lifting to creatively (and temporarily) transform them into a usable venue for your event. We look at every property through the lens of logistics, planning, design, and production to ensure you make the very most of the spaces we find for your event.

With scouted locations, we can provide:

  • Generated power
  • Luxury restrooms
  • Lighting
  • Parking
  • Event cleanup that returns our event venues to their original pristine condition

Not only will your your event will be fully deeply customizable, immersive, and sustainable, it will also be truly original.
Once we find your ideal location, the initial venue scouting expenses are deducted from the venue fee, making Open Venues a perfect choice for every project.

Wilderness site scouted for drive route in Utah, USA
Beach site scouted in California, USA
Wilderness site scouted for drive route in Utah, USA

Past Scouts

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