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Moab Caves


Location scout and concept development for a stratospheric balloon technology brand Worldview Space, which was launching a groundbreaking space tourism offering.

The challenge

The brand’s philosophy centered around the idea that viewing our planet from space brings us closer to Earth. Their space ports, when built, would be strategically placed in the most awe-inspiring natural and built locations on earth, and our venue would need to deliver similar magic for the brand’s guests.

The results

Our journey led us to the breathtaking landscapes of Moab, UT, known for its extraordinary scenery, iconic sandstone caves, and stunning canyons. After an extensive search and exploration of various options, we connected with a local property owner whose land featured all these elements and more. We knew we had found the perfect location to bring our client’s vision to life.

The experience

Guests were picked up at their hotel by Jeep, and treated to an offroad tour concluding at a secret location – the entrance to a majestic sandstone cave. The are was left completely unadorned, so the awe-moment would come all at once. Inside the cave, the atmosphere was transformed into an elegant dining space, with a sectional circular table, monochromatic tones, and minimal white uplights contrasting against the raw earthen interior. The space was adorned with stunning dried floral arrangements and illuminated by hundreds of candles, creating a magical and intimate setting.
Guests, dressed in white, were greeted by the mesmerizing close-up magic of legendary magician, David Blaine, who also joined the group for dinner. The CEO of Worldview Space delivered a heartfelt speech, sharing the brand’s vision and future, and inviting to join the stunning table for a a plated dinner with drink pairings.
Post-dinner, the adventure continued as guests were taken to a private location surrounded by immense red rocks. Here, they had the opportunity to explore two additional caves, specially designed by our team in collaboration with Jaja Tequila, complete with special drinks and vibrant distinctive designs.
For the grand finale, the entire canyon was transformed into a natural amphitheater, with a custom-built stage set against the backdrop of the red rocks. Guests gathered together in anticipation as the Chainsmokers took the stage for a surprise private performance, capping off an unforgettable evening of connection, awe, and transcendence.
Through this project, we were able to showcase the power of experiential marketing, creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience that perfectly aligned with the brand’s ethos, and left guests with a deep sense of connection to the Earth, each other, and the incredible potential of space tourism.

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